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InterCairo Egyptian joint stock (Company LLC) subject to the law of investment capital of 200 million LE.
The company was founded in 2002, began production in February 2004 as the youngest to produce aluminum sectors in Egypt and one production line company is a piston extrusion horizontal size 7-inch annual capacity of 6,500 tons. The development of production in the company by adding new lines until production capacity reached in August 2008 to 18,000 tonnes per year and has become the largest company to produce aluminum sectors since then until now. The establishment of a new factory and began production in January 2011 and the arrival of the production capacity to 38,000 tonnes per year and work is underway to reach production 42000 tonnes per year

First: the production line:
Architectural sectors considered, about 60% Of the production capacity of the company and represents the industrial sectors remaining part of The production is currently around 58 industrial sectors of the company (MF ) And Almanodh, as well as the painted Ketroustatekeya

Second: The markets:
The domestic market represents about 65% of production capacity between architectural sectors of industrial sectors and export represents about 35% of the production capacity and the main market for export is the North and West Africa, Jordan, Lebanon and Germany, countries.

Third: The financial value of the activity:
The sale of annual production value of close to Billion Egyptian pounds , About $ 155 million annually, according to prices of aluminum ores declared in 2014.

Production lines in the company is:
* Number 4 line extrusion 7 inches.
* Number 2 line extrusion 5 inches.
* 2 extrusion line 4.5 inches.
* Number 1 Extrusion Line a 9-inch.
* 2 anodizing line energy each 12 thousand tons per year.
* 2 electrostatic paint line annual capacity of 3,600 tons.
* Number 4 unit re-melting scrap resulting from the factory.
* Dies factory monthly capacity of 400 Ostmbh.
* Technical support lines Ensure uniformity of work 24 hours a day on Madaralsna.
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