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To provide our customers with an exceptional value with superior customer service and high quality standards.

InterCairo is an Egyptian Shareholding company (S.A.E) under the investment Law with a capital of 200 million Egyptian pounds. It was established in 2001 and started production 2004. InterCairo works in the field of manufacturing Aluminum profiles and producing Aluminum alloys needed in many industries. Now INTERCAIRO is one of the most remarkable industrial enterprises in Egypt with its 11 state-of-the-art pistons in 6 of october city, industry region.

beside building a recycling-oriented society, and contribute to human happiness. and under this management philosophy, we will strive to build an enterprise worthy of its customers' trust.

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Why Choose Us?

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Standard aluminum ingot

We purchase standard aluminum ingot for aluminum profiles and extruded aluminium profiles production, not aluminum scrap, the aluminum ingot will be heated first before production.


Make molds according to drawings

The mold is made based on a customer's aluminum extrusion profiles products drawing or sample, it will be heated before use. The semi-finished aluminum extrusion profiles product's hardness.


Production Process

Extrusion workshop: Use the Extrusion machine to produce mill finish aluminum extrusion profiles products. Powder coating workshop: Use Automatic spraying machine to spray the powder on the surface.


Provide fabrication services

We provide fabrication services such as sawing, drilling, punching, etc, which can meet the aluminum extrusion profiles customer's requirement.


According to requirements packing

The aluminum profiles packing is usually shrinking film or composite paper packing, we can also customize the packing as your requirement.


Contact Us For Samples

If you have any questions about our aluminium profiles products or services, Please feel free to reach out to our customer service team.